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  • hayhoestudios reply LONG LIVE VIDME!!
  • [ – ] TheShadowBroker reply Vidme seeems interesting but I don't know if they have enough infrastructure to maintain a top quality 1080p and 4k streaming video. YouTube is still faster...
    • ANGRYMGTOW parent reply I have noticed the server issues recently, however I believe they will improve this issue over time as they add more servers. They have a major influx of traffic now, lets not forget that. They never expected such massive growth, so lets give them a bit of time to adapt. With that said, if it keeps happening for too long, then people will get frustrated, and just leave.
  • Dan277 reply I wanted to say thank you because people like you gave me enough courage to stop caring about women and what they think while putting them in their place even at work while not getting in trouble because my boss likes how I do my job while not taking crap from anyone unless its part of the job description but if its not part of that then its fair game in my eyes
  • Dan277 reply facebook is worthless I dont use it well not anymore for over 3 years now
  • [ – ] MrATAndreiThomas reply Vidme is one of the reasons that made me feel special now, the fact I received so much support right after youtube's advertising friendly guidelines Bullshit with that I stated to make videos in mid 2016 and from that point on my channel was slowly grown over 200 followers which I have right now. I have no respect for youtube anymore because they have proven to be manipulative and untrustworthy to us small content creators by the fact we been betrayed by them for mainstream media, big corporations, celebrities and big channels and that really frustrates me more and thats the reason why I now hate youtube with a passion as I stopped posting my videos on YouTube anymore because they have lied about the unsubscribe glitch issue and I will never go to youtube anymore, fuck youtube, vidme is our new home now.
    • [ – ] ANGRYMGTOW parent reply Agreed, being on YouTube is like being in an abusive relationship with someone who is a pathological liar, that never takes responsibility for their own actions.
      • MrATAndreiThomas parent reply Indeed bro they couldn't take responsibility for their own deceitful actions against us because they know what they done was diabolical to us and the fact they knew about the unsubscribe glitch back in spring 2012 was unforgivable that's one of the reasons why I don't respect youtube anymore, they can stick their big egotistical famous channels where the sun don't fucking shine for all I care because I am now bitter with youtube forever more and thank God for Vidme for giving us a chance to be in the spotlight.
  • [ – ] BrianAiya reply Great points dude! Technical features can be made, but community is something you can't copy easily. I admit that YT has great tools, analytics, features, etc. but even though Vidme just have the basics, the community is something very hard to find in the internet. Great video dude. Nice points. We all hope that vidme will be successful. It's cool that you have thousands of subs in YT but you still respect Vidme and that you are not here for the money because we don't have ads yet ;p
  • Insidio reply Congratulation VIDE.ME - AI GO ROGUE
  • AxxL_Afriku reply now it just needs to get more users
  • Dan277 reply well that is unless the individual gives me a reason to lie to them by telling me lies or by being an ass to me then I wont be mister nice guy to people like that because at that point I dont have to be
  • Dan277 reply Just wanted to say that everything that I say is the truth from my point of view whether its on here or in person with anyone however it does not mean that I am right with what I say all the time and that I am willing to accept that I might be wrong every so often as long as the person doesnt accuse me outright all I would ask is that the person explain to me why I might be wrong from their point of view I am open to having a debate if its a valid reason to have a debate with someone
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