Fake Truth Channel Pushing Nibiru as a planet not a Manmade spaceship which is the TRUTH....

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  • DonnyDarko reply He was caught with B Rich giving out Govt Packages in NJ. After the flood ...B Rich and Dahbooh are partners
  • Dommodeez reply Can u tell me why, Bone, please. I What tipped you off?
  • [ – ] Dommodeez reply RFB is a shill?
  • PhuckTheNw0 reply Hey Cheif, what are your thoughts on Eric Dubay? And Fuck the NSA
  • Dommodeez reply How about Richard Bruce? He seems legit to me.
  • [ – ] Dommodeez reply So they are government agents? And they hand out packages on behalf of the government? What could they possibly be handing out?
    • [ – ] DonnyDarko parent reply Ask him. He said it was bug out bags they were giving people.
      • Dommodeez parent reply I find it hard to select a good justification for most everything these shills and crisis actors spend the day doing. They have to wake up evey single day and convince themselves of their own lies. For this thing called the NWO they will loose everything. Not a single blow shall be withheld. For the last time, The Almighty will route out the slimy den of vipers known as the super elite. The hearts of men will be known by the cross they take up. I love knowing that all is for a purpose and that The Almighty hears my prayers .
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