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  • [ – ] SonicMcPatriotic reply My sound sucks too. I have a cheap headset w/ a mic. My last 2 videos were done in my bro-in law's studio w/ a good mic set up. Wavepad is free and great for normalizing and fixing sound. I am hard of hearing so I tend to talk louder than others around me. I did not realize this till editing sound. I have to work on that. Anyhoo, I loved your video. My next plan is to get the thingie that you plug a mic into to plug it in e laptop. I have a good stage mic. It isn't made for videos but will sound better than what I have. After that, I am going to invest in green screening. I LOVE that technology, and want to try it out. :) Thanks for sharing. I would have never thought of using green tacks. I am a do it your selfer too. :)
    • IslandRiders_Garage parent reply Yes! Awesome man! Good luck with your mic, I still didn't come to a conclusion yet cause I will be needing multiple wireless mics. I will be producing short films about various topics. (mostly scifi, supernatural stuff) so will be needing more equipment for talent.
  • IslandRiders_Garage reply Please be patient with my sound, while I get a good Mic. 😌
  • IslandRiders_Garage reply What's up? Hope you found some value to my content?
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