Choose One: Socialism Holds American Society Together, or We're Capitalistic and Thus Failing

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  • Thurisaz17 reply Socialism should be extremely minimalized. No more government involvement than is functionally necessary. Functionally necessary is a lot smaller than most people are willing to admit. If there's a surefire way to eliminate socialism in all of it's forms, I'd love to have it implemented. We'd all be a lot happier, a lot less broke, and a lot more productive.
  • Smotterspot reply Well said. I dig the Speech bobble head btw
  • brileevir reply It is truly time to tell the federal govt to fuck off:
  • Satinsays reply Problem with capitalism and Libertarian doctrine, is that it reduces government and effectively makes politicians vastly less relevant. No power, no prestige, no need, really, for the most talented and charismatic. Politicians would be more like referees, who aren't even noticed, when they are doing a good job. In the absence of total collapse... Ain't gonna happen. 🙃
  • I3UTM reply The example of the best form of socialism is the Department of Defence. There is too much bloat there and actual socialists are advocating for the Military-Defense Industrial Complex.
  • LT_Fish reply There are still things that they shouldn't be allowed to buy for security purposes. We have enough issues with people outsourcing/subcontracting outside the US but there are plenty of defense issues with China. Heck - even for non-defense stuff, just look at the shoddy chips and crap they churn out - ie. labeled 500 ohm resistors, actually only 50 - you just burnt out whatever component you installed it in (extremely simple example).
  • Bonanny reply Ppppppfffffftttttttt on socialism. I want the government out of my life!
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