The War Against Free Speech | Dave Cullen and Stefan Molyneux

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  • [ – ] MutantPixel reply Stefan I'm glad you've come to, have a great time! We're a real community here that values everyone equally. We LOVE free speech!
  • MickiDaWop reply is the home of the modern-day Pamphleteers! Glad to see you her Mr. Molyneux, all of my favorites are here now, no need to even go to YouTube anymore. That makes me happy.
  • [ – ] Park3r7 reply Awesome. Big fan of both.
  • OralRobots reply I've been preaching this on Twitter. I've had two accounts suspended there. The big social media companies WILL drive users away to Minds, Gab, and VidMe in due course.
  • tmnsoon reply I knew it was just a matter of time until Stefan and Dave did a show together! Also great to see FDR on, hardly any reason to go to YouTube now.
  • crissymoss reply All this reminds me of 1984... That should be required reading by all young people. It wasn't about Big Brother as much as it was about the dissemination of misinformation to create a super state, and keep everyone in line.
  • hayhoestudios reply What are your thoughts on Vidme? Would love to hear it
  • Politics_N_Games reply Marvel, Google, news channels, gaming websites, ESPN, MTV, are all taking financial hits to promote their failing SJW agenda. Making money isn't their number one priority.
  • userXVI reply Great to see this content.
  • jrswab reply Love your videos @stefanmolyneux watched a lot back on YouTube. Happy to see you posting this video here <3
  • Canadian_Libertarian reply Excellent discussion.
  • InfoWarsShow_AlexJones reply So glad you are posting here now. Please encourage Cernovich and Alex Jones InfoWars to post here too. has been working very hard to restrict me from posting InfoWars videos. If AJ did it officially then there would be no way to stop it. Thanks again for posting here and even when they restrict your posts and refuse to feature your videos, please do not stop posting! Thank you. :-)
  • dhusk reply People telling you you're wrong about something and not backing down from that position is not a violation of your free speech.
  • louiethepitt reply Stefan you need to send an invite to The Hard Bastard or Vee....those guys are Freedom Fighters of the internet.
  • louiethepitt reply started to see your video on youtube and then remembered I follow you also here on so I liked the video and change platform to this...the free one
  • Free_Range_Cheese_MRE_Reviews reply Is this the real Stefan?
  • enduranceswimmer reply Great discussion.
  • ScaryStoriesNYC reply They're making the internet bland while encouraging Colbert to make cockholster jokes. They waMr everyone watching tv before the next presidential election.
  • ScaryStoriesNYC reply Yes you are much closer to what is going on better than most anyone else. Most won't discuss this as the speech crackdown that it is.
  • EmpireHD reply Germans Is The Worst Censored Countriy
  • OleCrankyGamer reply Mixed feelings about major YTers coming over I like the fact they are creative & entertaining, most are free thinking political & social commentators. However, they also get verified right away and push down newcomers or small channels of which they always state are hurt the most at YT. Not talking $$$ here, just audience
  • DomsPlaylist reply Please Help (One) of the First Music Vid me Channels Get Verified So I can upload more For this Awesome Community. Follow and up Vote :)
  • robyoung reply Free speech is important, just can't get my head around why people have to get violent because they don't agree with somebody else's views. Great discussion.
  • GoMGTOW reply Without Free Speech... There can be no Free Thought.... They are both one in the same.
  • [ – ] bononoz1 reply I'm a leftist but I think that free speech is a good thing because it allows people to voice their opinions. If the wing that I'm in has communist sympathies, then I don't want to be around other leftists.
    • GoMGTOW parent reply The Democratic Party has been hijacked by Marxist Liberal fanatics funded by globalists with a eugenics agenda to enslave the world under an Orwellian rule.... And you are nothing more but a pawn to forward their end game.
  • mistrx reply Great-Stefan M., Dave C., Paul J. W and Styxxx 666 are the best out there! Guys, you had few sessions where there were 2 of you, but if you all made one show together that would be absolute heaven! Try that and keep up the great work!
  • Aaronshy reply Vidme is definitely free speech and I love this site for it. I mean geez I've had no problems at all......other than that video amount limit you deal with when not verified.
  • xcwe4life reply Our option on everything can be described in a song called I ain't like you by blood for blood
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