What it would Really Mean if Trump Colluded with Russia

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  • DarcPrynce reply The way I see it, it would be better in just about any way imaginable for Trump to have colluded with Russia during the election cycle than for him to have colluded with ANY Democrat at ANY time in history. But that's just me.
  • MaitreMarkScully reply Russia is on the rise, without giving 80% of their GDP to the Fed they will leap over USA - unless Trump got ride of the Fed, then USA would rise as well!!!
  • MaitreMarkScully reply Trump is colluding with Russia, Putin got rid of the Russian Fed and Trump wants help to get rid of the American Fed and wants to avoid the war against Russia to re-instate the Russian Fed.
  • Cryptonymus reply Always good points, Styx. Thanks for the videos!
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