YouTube Two Week Jail Sentence, Ends Soon!

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  • painiac2 reply Old reports are foundation├ál. It is easy to stick our heads in the sand. Then you look back and see the warnings very clearly.
  • 93cummings1 reply Hi Gabe, Thank you for keeping us up to date,was worried when you stopped posting on youtube,special thanks to to Tom Prokes on utube!!!
  • freedmlvr1 reply Gabe, I appreciate you for bringing the truth to us. I learned a long time ago that you cannot trust the news as it is given on channels 4,5,7,fox etc. At least you tell it like it really is. Keep up the great work. Looking forward to seeing you again soon. Again, I thank you.
  • webetlc reply Gab you have done such a good job keeping us up to date with the news as it happens ...with so much breaking news to keep up with ... really no need to look back at old videos ..but when we do they are just as enjoyable. You do your viewers a great service and I Thank you !
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