Music That Inspired Me: DOM

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  • [ – ] Flying_Purple_Pizzas reply There seems to be a lot of sick content creators lately. Sorry that you aren't feeling well. I'm sending you some positive vibes to help you heal a little faster. I haven't heard of this music you mentioned before. But mostly I pick up stuff that vloggers play with their videos. It gives me a chance to hear new stuff. I notice you find a lot of stuff through that iTunes place. Expanding your mind is cool! Some music just speaks to you. Thanks for sharing your music with us!
    • thy_koosk parent reply Ikr... its kind of weird! And thank you so much for the positive vibes and get well wishes! Sending some your way too just to have them. And that's cool how you find music through vlogs, recently I have been relying on Cymbal or my friends for recommendations. Expanding your mind is cool and music is a powerful force in a sense, thank you for watching this video!!
  • [ – ] Grimsly reply I love metal and when I first heard Before I Forget by Slipknot on Guitar Hero 3...I was is this?! This sounds GOOD! And boom...metal head for life lol
    • thy_koosk parent reply Nice! Sorry I didn't reply I was waiting to go on my computer but then forgot the fact I can access via my phone's internet browser. But that is a pretty good way to fall down a rabbit hole!
  • [ – ] AmandaFood reply Listened to living in America not too bad of a song. I love how music can inspire. Love the video.
    • thy_koosk parent reply It isn't at all! I found new meaning in it when registering! Thank you for commenting and liking the video! 😊
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