Freedom MCN stole my account

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  • [ – ] DanQVeryMuch1 reply I have over 900 videos on you tube.. I have earned nearly 3 dollars.. They still have not sent me a cent of it... Cheers, Folks!!
    • DerpieDoo parent reply Thats... odd... I have 117 videos on youtube.. I have earned ... errr.. I dont even know how much off hand, I have one video alone that has made over $200. but I get paid every month. Youtube IS changing, and not for the better.. we need some place to go, that is not dirtied up by google/youtube corporate nonsense. and this seems as good a place as any, But If I were to stop making videos for youtube, and only made content here, I would basically see a 100% profit loss. :) Not to say I dont wanna make content for .. and not saying that this site is not good enough by any means. . but it DOES have some room to grow before its taken seriously by some of the "superstars" from youtube.. people like markiplier arent gonna come here till they can ensure they will continue with equal or better profits. :) I dunno.. Perhaps they dont want established youtubers to bring their rabid, and sometimes vile fanbases over here with them.. that would be a valid concern.. b...moreut time will tell.. I am still testing the waters anyhow :P
  • [ – ] DanQVeryMuch1 reply Good info to know, man!!
    • DerpieDoo parent reply yup yup. I am still deciding how many, and which videos I wanna move to this platform.. So far I like it here.. tho im a bit put off on the whole lack of monetization thing.. relying on viewer donations.. seems.. err.. un-reliable at best.. but .. who knows.. we shall see :P
  • DanQVeryMuch1 reply I make my money playing my music in concerts.. For Youtube is just another medium to share my works... Cheers, Man!
  • [ – ] DanQVeryMuch1 reply I am not very popular.. I post my original music and songs... Cheers!
    • DerpieDoo parent reply After taking I look at your YT channel I can see why... 1: you have no video description, or tags.. these are used to show youtube how to share your video to people who are searching.. 2: its not (at least not that I could find) listed in the music category .. Which is easily the most viewed category on youtube. and lastly, there is no significant branding.. the clips are just looping gifs.. and the channel has no brand. no unique appearance.. people are often turned off instantly to things like that, thinking "Nope.. amature.. waste of time" The content itself, the music, Is fine.. its actually good.. But if people cant find it.. they cant listen to it, and then the few that do will be immediately turned off by the generic channel appearance, and looping gifs. My suggestion, spend some time working on your channel art, develop a brand for your content, then go through and add tags, and descriptions and more descriptive titles to your videos, and you will se...moree a DRAMATIC increase of views.. from a few views a day to a few hundred views a day. probably overnight. After that you will see a steady gradual increase of traffic.
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