Tempest 2000 (Atari Jaguar)

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  • [ – ] Arcade_Heroes reply I just began replaying this earlier in the week. One of my favorite games among all systems. I also prefer the cart soundtrack to the CD one, as weird as that might sound.
    • [ – ] valereth parent reply I have never heard the CD soundtrack TBH
      • [ – ] Arcade_Heroes parent reply It was one of the four pack-in discs with the Jaguar CD, composed by the same guys who did the cart soundtrack. It is good but I think my nostalgia for the cart music overrides it at the end of the day. The OST was also used in other T2k console ports and Tempest 3000 for the NUON.
        • [ – ] valereth parent reply I did not even know that there was a Jaguar CD version of Tempest 2000. I knew there was a Playstation version
          • [ – ] Arcade_Heroes parent reply Oh there wasn't, it was just the soundtrack on CD that you could use to play in the 'Virtual Light Machine'. I believe that T2k was also on PC and the Saturn although I've never played those versions.
            • [ – ] valereth parent reply I did not know about the Saturn or PC version either
              • [ – ] Arcade_Heroes parent reply Yeah, right after the Jaguar died, Atari tried to be a 3rd party software publisher before that "reverse merger" with the hard drive company. I've been curious about the other versions but they didn't seem to receive the same amount of praise as the Jaguar/YaK version: https://www.amazon.com/Software-Tempest-2000-for-PC/dp/B0007NG5FY
                • [ – ] valereth parent reply Didn't Hasbro buy Atari or something? I wish they would make a new console. The Jaguar was the last console designed and produced in the U.S.
                  • [ – ] Arcade_Heroes parent reply Yeah, the Jaguar was officially axed in 1996 after the CEO had a heart attack; they did a few license deals and PC things and merged with a hard drive company. IIRC, Hasbro bought them in '98 or '99 for $5 million where they did a few things (including making the Jaguar an 'open platform') with the Atari name before Infogrames bought them up and changed their name to Atari. They are the ones in charge of the brand now but they've been doing a spectacularly piss poor job at living up to what the company once was. Atari did have a Jaguar 2 in development which was reportedly "2-4 times more powerful than the PlayStation" but it was killed off in '96; a prototype board has been found but no software has been discovered. It would have been backwards compatible, fixed a lot of the Jaguar's hardware bugs, while performing better as a 3D machine.
                    • valereth parent reply Astounding that they once were the biggest name in gaming, and they sold for a measely 5 million. I realise that is in 1996 dollars but still.
  • [ – ] OnlyUltimate reply Good stuff!
    • valereth parent reply Thanks. This is a great game and a great version. I am so glad to have composite hook ups for my Jaguar
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