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  • Dos_Gaming reply Is this real fan mail?
  • Dazzlinglatte reply You two are freaking hilarious!! 🤣 Definitely following!! 😁
  • Dos_Gaming reply @sizematters It's okay... I feel now adays the only real fan mail is all super deadly so I suppose this is safe. Or you could send the real fan mail to your parents and hope it's deadly... it's your life!
  • SizeMatters reply @Dos_Gaming YES I SWEAR ON THE GRAVE OF MY DEAD PARENTS (who aren't actually dead, just dead to me). Ok, fine, you caught us.
  • Dos_Gaming reply @sizematters how rich is he? You could twitch stream and twerk for $100 donations! This could be a very lucrative opportunity!
  • SizeMatters reply @Dos_Gaming lol that was one of the videos that was inspired by actual comments. We have a certain YouTube subscriber who would very much like to see us naked. He's been with us since the beginning though, so we still love him.
  • Dos_Gaming reply @sizematters to be honest, I thought the pervy fan mail was real. Creeps have like a homing signal towards channels hosted by women . *Looks around awkwardly as I write this on a woman's channel *
  • SizeMatters reply @Dos_Gaming We thought it would be fun to release a series of sketches that parody all of the self-indugent vlogger "fan mail" videos. Hence the pervy letters and constant hate mail. Some of it is inspired by actual commenters, buuuuuuut not much.
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