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  • ChaoticGaming reply MY TAGS!!!! @DookisWatching @IAmCKtv @ShakeOfMilk @WARPATH_GAMING @EchoWaltz
  • SalBerry reply Oddworld!! yaaas!!! XD
  • [ – ] MariaTheGerman reply These games though!! On point!! xD 10 times better than mine xD I'm such a loser
  • IAmCKtv reply RAMPAGE AINT WIERD!! That was a BEAUTIFUL game hahah! We'll challenge accepted! I will be recording mine soon
  • RetroBit reply Oh man! I obsessively played Oddworld when it first came out, and it's first sequel. I never was able to save every single prisoner though.. And Lester the Unlikely has to be the BIGGEST 90's perpetrator of 90's nerd stereotyping. Hahah. Great video man :D
  • Official-AGamingWebsite reply Rampage was incredible! Probably one of the best games to pick up and play when you're bored!
  • MFKraven reply dude i have no idea how i got Heart of Darkness too, but one day it just appeared at my house. I remember thinking it was so weird cause it was a two disc game
  • ds_vglevelxwriter reply Dude!!! Rampage was my fucking shit!
  • LVLWON reply :D Actual community projects :D. So glad to see people are having fun doing them. I miss watching communities in action.
  • TheCrowsNest reply i just found my rampage disc today, im so happy
  • [ – ] DookisWatching reply DUDE!!!!! Now that I see lester fuck I remember that stupid game! I returned that bitch outta frustration as a kid cuz I thought the shit was broken!! Good choices man!
  • Rawman reply Damn!! These throw backs was crazy i remember them. Lester the unlikely​ was too unknown though lol.
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