Every Damn Day & Lobliner Take On Brad Castleberry

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  • Lonecomplex reply Fitness, particularly powerlifting, is a personal journey. I don't see why Castleberry feels the need to seek so much external validation or why he thinks in the age of the internet that he could pull something like this off. The only reason I can think of is money. There are plenty of big guys who get internet famous nowadays just for being big. They don't compete, they don't do much of anything besides lift, take selfies, and promote a product. Controversy creates attention, so go figure Brad's little fake weight shenanigans has plenty of eyes on him. In the long run I would even wager if he is completely called out and made a fool of in public, he will still have made more money (through exposure) than lost money over this deal. Why? Because eventually people will forget about it. Meanwhile Brad will still have cashed all those checks from referral codes through instagram and revenue through his own website / products. Unless the fitness community (for whatever its worth) ...morepolices itself for stuff like this, the industry will continue to have garbage like this pop up and ruin people's perception.
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