Immigration, World Poverty and Gumballs -

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  • [ – ] Pernsteingolem reply Sad but true...SO true.
    • Blue_Rayner parent reply true, and also the answer to the current refugee problem in Europe at the moment. We cannot take in the poverty of the world, we should however encourage them helping to raise up living conditions overall in the world. it would cost us (in the west) about the same, in the end 'teach a man to fish' rather than 'give a man free fish' is what it is all about.
  • GermanMadman reply Nice job. This is a very nice way to show this.
  • Blue_Rayner reply The catch is that all the resources spent on receiving and integrating (even if failed) immigrants could make a difference for far more people. If the better part of it was spent on dealing with the root cause of the problems instead of expensive, short-term, individual help for immigrants it would have a greater effect. Simplified, what this means is that resources is spent in the problem area / country, destroying the causes of people becoming poor, uneducated, harassed, controlled, abused and turning refugees, instead of spending it on allowing huge immigration with ineffective integration or none. Which will result in extreme reduction of poverty and a massive rises in different qualities of life (for all the people of that certain country, instead of the very few actually making it to another country). With this being said, I'm not necessarily trying to say that there is something wrong with immigration and taking care of refugees/people in need on the planet. Just saying tha...moret which would have the greater results. Thank you.
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