LET'S DRINK THE KOOLAID! | Knights of the Old Republic Ep 4

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  • [ – ] Brettkeanevideo reply Sadly Star Wars has never had a great game created. Played this and became suicidal from dullness. Nice video though. You earned a upvote from me.
    • [ – ] linktheinformer parent reply Thanks! I did enjoy the Jedi Outcast/Academy games though. One of the few times Star Wars games actually kinda slightly did the Jedi thing alright.
      • [ – ] Brettkeanevideo parent reply Star Wars needs good graphics, storyline, Immersion and environments we want to explore. When I play star wars games I notice hardly any fucking aliens and I feel boxed in like I'm not going anywhere but linear. Unacceptable.
        • [ – ] linktheinformer parent reply It's true. But any kind of movie going to a video game? We're very unlikely to get what we really want. Battlefront 3 has all of the beautiful graphics, but nothing else. I don't know if we will ever get a good Star Wars game. The early entries on DOS/Windows were really something. But...they lacked so much. At least the Rogue series kind of delivers what you'd expect.
          • [ – ] Brettkeanevideo parent reply The problem is movie games are selling the label not the long term game. Hand the series over to Bethesda. They will make a decent game. It will be bugged and ctd like usual but when you can play it...it will own!
            • linktheinformer parent reply Not to mention they have to pay a substantial fee just to have the license in the first place. Give it to Ubisoft so we can get it before it's ready and it's never playable.
  • [ – ] MutantPixel reply I was actually considering this as my first LP xP. It's a classic! I always played my character as the "Han Solo" archetype myself. But I was thinking of rolling thru with dark side powers >:D
  • [ – ] Brologic_Productions reply First, we drink all booze then force all things! ... That song reference sounded better in my head XD. Great episode Link.
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