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  • [ – ] JustHypeVibe reply Another inspirational message to the vidizens @danielamann Thank you!
  • [ – ] theoldsparrow reply Good luck, Hailey. You're going to do great. :D Mundane days happen, man. You still present with a really interesting style that I think the majority of people that discover you are impressed with. It never gets boring and even on days where even if you don't feel like a lot happened you talked some meta which made it more interesting.
  • [ – ] BrianAiya reply Yea, vlogging or generally making videos helped me grow and have weird and great experiences :) But i really respect daily vloggers, because we can literally see your everyday progress and journey.
    • [ – ] BrianAiya parent reply ps. Why are you putting your follower count in the description? Did you set any kind of follower count goal that you want to achieve in a specific timeframe?
      • danielamann parent reply More than anything it is just to see the growth of the community surrounding my channel as it happens. When I look back at my first videos I have no way to see how far I have come, if there is any pattern to my community growing (specific video or topic) etc. -- By putting this in the description I can look back and see that growth as it happens. Vidme doesn't have any analytics or way to see this yet, so I'm doing it for personal reasons. I don't have a number I'm chasing -- as many people as are interested in what I do and being a part of the community surrounding my channel I suppose
    • danielamann parent reply Absolutely -- The experience is completely different than if I wasn't pursuing creativity and sharing my world with others. And I put it all out there. If I make a video there are hundreds, thousands, potentially millions of people who can check in and see what I am doing, how I am progressing, etc...It is amazing
  • scottwebb reply I still need to find a groove. Weather really cramps my style. Even my few videos have helped me out and look forward to more explorations. Cheers!
  • regularassaveragedude reply Nice soundtrack where is it from?
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