Super Mario 64 Episode 4 | Cool Cool Mountain | Mister Shots

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  • [ – ] AmandaFood reply I was asking myself the same question, why were you holding that bomb lol I don't know that meme. my second account is @GHondo hahaha so I liked it twice Also, Illuminati for sure confirmed
  • [ – ] LuigiIsTheWeiner reply I always knew strawberry ice cream was up to something.
  • [ – ] GHondo reply 0:30 - is it sad if I only half-thought you were joking about a mario mod to just "run into the wall" - and figured it'd be just about as interesting? j/k :) 5:10 - the way that tree bent when you fired yourself out of a cannon at it was... disconcerting. Pretty sure trees don't do that. :) 8:51 - "Make sure you don't die." Sage advice... If everyone took it, though, there'd be no business for funeral homes... 12:08 - You're right, I haven't seen a blue coin before. Better than a blue ball, though... Yikes! :)
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