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  • [ – ] Rawman reply It's only satire!!! Haha good reference. I hope it's not bass boost. Ok so this I wrote after reading your book I mean description... Description tags dont work btw. But tagging them should still show up in search. Just don't abuse that fact or its spam lol. Hahahaha man you got such dark humour. Your weird shots where you hang on things for like 10 seconds without saying much is so odd but hey. I guess it's deliberate lol. I love the bloopers there are so many times where I can't say a sentence.
  • Elidon reply Hey brascandy I followed you is your time to follow me now
  • Flying_Purple_Pizzas reply Well done satire there! The zany hat added to the whole bit. The outtakes were fun too. Mr. Amann's video inspired my visit here, by the way. All in all, good job!
  • EmptyChest reply #SentByDanielAmann lol
  • dalestark05 reply #SentByDanielAmann
  • thy_koosk reply #SentByDanielAmann
  • Proto reply #SentByDanielAmann
  • MarzieMalfoy reply I feel really bad I missed this! I forgot to hit the ding button when I followed! Yay!! More challenges! And you're name EVERYWHERE!! My vote on all the yt challenges!! We need them in our lives!!! There's a few I want to do that fire challenge BUT without a shower available!!! Hahaha
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