How to be a Jew (or Zionist)

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  • [ – ] Neun_Sieben reply Christianity and islam are jewish religions for the "Goyim". Study the history of christendom and what they have done and still do against the white race: Inquisition, Witch burnings, crusades (which failed and only caused the Turks to conquer Greece and the Balkans), the black plague (because you burned the Witches, the women who knew medicine), countelss brothers' wars like the thirty years war which killed half of the German population, the pope washes refugee feet and the protestants also applaud for the refugees at the trainstation. Every page of the bible has the words "jew". "israel" or "yahweh" on it and you seriously want to tell me that it is not jewish? Heil Wotan!
    • Creativity1488 parent reply Heil Odin! Thanks for the great comment. Nature's Eternal Religion and The White Man's Bible explains this in great detail also. Creativity and Paganism is the same, except Creativity does not have any myths and personified deities.
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