Why Hillary Clinton Lost, What Happened to the WAR in North Korea, and Trump's Budget

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  • Flying_Purple_Pizzas reply I think it's interesting that YT is willing to push the demonetize button on it's content creators, but not willing to spend 30 seconds telling them why. Seems cowardly to me. And insulting. But perhaps they feel they are too big to fail. Thanks for the update!
  • Larry666 reply Hi Charlton, Cut all budgets across the board--including, and especially Defense and so-called "Intelligence" agencies (all 17 or more of them--like homeland Security: Which, by the way, is the type or organization that all despots dream of having. Eliminate government from anything but essentials. The ball is in Trump's court--hope he doesn't lose it!
  • [ – ] blizergy reply Tbh who care who lost or won. Both of them would be bad president anyway.
    • AvalancheOne parent reply Maybe... Just maybe having the orange puppet as our president might show that having one fucking human being running the whole show is not how to run things in our new modern era, maybe back in the 1700s but not so much now we have instantaneous communication and can make decisions as a population pretty damn fast. I'd love like some sort of council of "upstanding leaders" leaders in education, in engineering, in business, basically a leader of all major industries should join a large network of other leaders and we debate and run the show not as a ship but as a nation of states capable of managing the territory.
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