Anti Inkling Germany Speech

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  • [ – ] ZackSonic reply You Really Need To Stop...
    • [ – ] Ice7Ruler7King parent reply To late to stop. Also I rebuilt my army back up after I lost everything. I am powerful once again.
      • [ – ] ZackSonic parent reply What Are You Gonna Do? Take My Icon On Deviantart And The Community Logo For World Of ZackSonic By Adding It Into The Anti Inkling Hitlist?
        • [ – ] Ice7Ruler7King parent reply You want me to do that. You're not doing anything wrong that would warrant me to even do that lmao.
          • [ – ] ZackSonic parent reply
            • [ – ] Ice7Ruler7King parent reply Once again ZackSonic; you are not doing anything wrong. That is a fucking photo. You hating on Randall only makes you look stupid. Randall saw the light and is now rebelling against the Splatoon community. You are only against us because you are blinded by lies. I'm not even going to try and show you the truth because I already did that. You refuse to accept the sad truth that the Splatoon community must be taught a lesson.
              • [ – ] ZackSonic parent reply What I Am Doing... Is Protecting The Splatoon Community From Your Shitty Ass Bomb Making Pedophile Neo-Nazi Army From The KKK Perhaps... Is Not Letting It Happen To Destroy The Splatoon Community You Child Rapist!!!!!
                • [ – ] Ice7Ruler7King parent reply Look at yourself. You are accusing me of being a child rapist. Insults like that are completely stupid especially when you have ZERO proof. Now your calling me a pedophile? You have no evidence for that. Unlike you I actually have proof the Splatoon community is stocked with pedos. (technically hebephiles) You sound like an SJW. Throwing every horrible name in the book at me. None of these insults have substance. By the way, you are the true Splatoon hater. You don't want to see the Splatoon community thrive. YOU WANT THINGS TO GET WORSE! I WILL FIX EVERYTHING! JUST YOU WAIT AND SEE!
                  • [ – ] ZackSonic parent reply
                    • [ – ] Ice7Ruler7King parent reply Why does everyone keep using Icy? I have stated that is not me and never was me. I am a clone trooper! Go find a phase one clone trooper on the workshop. Imagine if I made a photo called "KILLING ZACK SONIC!" and it was one of your random ocs being killed instead. Wouldn't that be dumb?
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