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  • [ – ] Westley_Nash reply I am so happy you got the house Rebecca, that's truly awesome 👏 I know you are finding it rather difficult at the moment, what with your health, but at least you have something positive. Ah, Bill & Ted quoting Poison "Every rose has its thorn!" I always remember that. That lyric has more wisdom than some motivational speeches 👍 As you know, I'm a bit off with self superior people who denounce human nature as if they aren't dealing with the same thing. As for feet? Not my thing... at all!🤢 Feet are for walking on (& in extreme circumstances, putting a boot up someone's ass) & nothing else 😉 Ivy getting all superstar on us, awesome 👍 Cool confidence? They named something after me at last 😎🎩 As for video making, just get yourself sorted girl & we will all be here waiting for when you get back safe & well 😁
    • Tillychan parent reply I happy about the house to, however I can't really be excited and stuff. My mother in law ask me if I was excited and did I start packing yet, and I am like< I don't have the energy and too unwell to be excited or to start packing.. Which she should know. She told hubby that she wants to get us in it before my surgery which we are not even for sure yet and i am like I understand but at the same time you are trying to rush us when I feel this bad... And everyone keeps telling I could open up the window or take the kids out for a little bit and I am like, "hello Sinus issues, outside makes it worst... are your brains working or is my problem just forgotten when I am not complaining about it." sorry for my rant I am a bit irritated at the moment.
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