Facebook's War On Atheism!

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  • Dr-Despair reply Minds.com
  • DrMorq reply I said it early on your youtube channel... If I had a dollar left over at the end of the month, I would send it to your patreon... As it is... I have been disabled since 2005 because of an on the job injury and I get a little over 900 dollars a month. Its tough in the Seattle area to make it on that. Add the prescriptions I have to take to stay alive and able to sleep sometimes... and its all gone. There are many more like me as you know and we do our best to spread your word... Stay safe and free man...#houseofmanycolors
  • DrMorq reply Thanks Dusty... your voice is so valuable. I am a member of many anti religious groups on facebook and anywhere else I can find.
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