Zelda Breath of The Wild| Black Ops 2 Backwards Compatibility| Fallout 4 More Successful Than Skyrim

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  • [ – ] HomeeJimmah reply broooooo i love that dope music you got in the back, i use it all the time, gives that old youtube feel... if you are interested, i have a discord community and people are always looking for collabs, including myself. here is the link if you or any of your friends would like to join https://discord.gg/AKze6Rk you can also share your videos or livestreams as well. im trying to get it back up and running like it was last summer, and if everyone helps to make it big and stay active in it, it will be a great way to grow and meet people, have a good day.. and i am suprised that fallout 4 passed skyrim tbh
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