The Orville Predicts a Social Justice Dystopia

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  • Shugtastic reply The important thing is that The Orville seems to be attempting to hold a mirror up to society in much the same way the original series of Star Trek did in the 60s. To see this criticism appear in a mainstream show is surely (hopefully) a sign of the beginning of the end for social justice. I hope this emboldens other writers and show-runners to publicly criticise the batshit moral hysteria that seems to have gripped the entertainment industry.
  • PorkCow reply "If the Stars Should Appear" was just a flat strawman argument against religion set in a less interesting version of the space-farm from Intersteller. This easily could have been solved by giving the locals a reason to be anxious about restarting their ship, such as the original captain of the ship leaving a message that the damaged engines could cause a nuclear explosion or something. Give the overconfident Orville mechanics a morally gray choice about how well they understand this foreign engine. You know, an actual discussion about preconceptions vs rationality, a dichotomy of thought that atheists and theists have in common. But no. There's no discussion of epistemological allegory because it's 2D morality tale about this one asshole that wants to control a cult vs the nice progressive people. I haven't seen the actual Orville episode, but everything you just described was the upvote episode of Dark Mirror. Just replace "lobotomy" with a plastic jail and the "apology tour" with fa...moreke friendship photo ops, and it's word-for-word. A fine world to explore, sure, but not an original idea. Interesting... So are Romulans going to become a strawman of Marlene "Australian Trump" Kairouz supporters now? Will they be redesigned into dinosaurs too?
  • KimHanson reply Rather than join watching in the middle, I am eagerly awaiting the Orville to appear on Netflix. I saw the first episode and loved it. It is great to have something to look forward to.
  • MaskofConflict reply Whoa... a modern Seth Macfarlane show that's actually GOOD and thought provoking?! I think I'm going to faint.
  • scaramanga reply I also think this is a dig at the blm/antifa version of community policing (i.e. guilt or innocence decided via community vote with extreme uniform punishment). I'm worried that sjws will start to apply "chicken or the egg" thinking using this episode as a method to protect their infiltrations of academia; we (using a very broad "we" here) are reacting to their perversions (of science, math, history, whatever) thus we are the twitter mob to their grinding on the statue while in actuality they removed (or massively deformed) the statue while we reacting negatively to their iconoclasm.
  • Pluff-Pluff reply What do you expect, Tweeter got rid of most of the wrong thinkers. This is what is left.
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