The Mummy Is Disturbingly Bad

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  • [ – ] ZeroBudgetProductions reply Congratulations you just described every big budget film released in the last 10 years.
  • [ – ] Cynical-Bastard reply I couldn't bring myself to see it, I was spurned by too many horrible re-makes and outlandish CGI. Awesome review, holyshit. PS: The first Mummy movie (contemporary) was actually good in comparison to how bad things have gotten. It's fun, and's not bad.They are dumbing down the best genres of movies. Sucks. Only so few through.
    • [ – ] THOMPSONATOR parent reply I realize I'm within my own echo chamber here, but I almost never hear anyone say they think movies have gotten better. Dude, compared to this piece of dogshit, the mummy with Frazier is awesome
      • Cynical-Bastard parent reply I have been watching the classics. Dude, I watched Lethal Weapon not but a couple days ago...before that it was The Abyss, Fight Club, True Romance, and even Hollow Man (guilty pleasure...I love movies with 'bases'. Reminds of old-school survival horror games. ; )
  • Awesomecooldude reply Good thing I didn't see this
  • GuyverOne reply Universal did the shared universe thing or at least tried to back in the 40s with their monsters House of Dracula etc. I think the old films are better tbh in terms of writing and acting at least.
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