I Officially Accepted a Nursing Position

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  • [ – ] AmandaFood reply Yay congrats and the baby is doing better!!! Yes, @MarzieMalfoy is the bestttt <3 very entertaining and sooo sweet!!
  • [ – ] Flying_Purple_Pizzas reply Congratulations once again on getting the job! You're gonna do great. Even though you'd rather start working and you have no money, enjoy the time you have off as vacation time is rare on them new full time jobs. I'm very happy that Baxter is improving! I'm keeping him in my thoughts and sending him lots of love. I know that the stress has been overwhelming. Just remember to take time to breathe and remember all the wonderful things going right in your life, and to give yourself a pat on the back for taking care of yourself and those around you so well. Everything will work out fine. And, yes, Marzie is amazing too!
    • JessicaMartwin parent reply Thanks!!! I am so excited!!!!! I will enjoy the time off. Once I start working I plan to work really hard and go back to school. So, I won't have much time off. I just sold an old phone on Ebay so now I am good for a while :) Sarah and I are VERY happy to see Baxter almost back to normal. He is starting to gain weight now, which is great :) Sometimes it is hard to think about all the good when things seem bad but I know there's always a light at the end of the tunnel.
  • [ – ] MarzieMalfoy reply Awww! Thank you so much for the shoutout! I'm here for ya girl and anyone else who needs me 💜💜💜 I'm so happy that Baxter is doing better. He even looks to be in better spirits :D Also CONGRATS on your new upcoming job!! I know nursing positions can be quite competitive so it's great that you got one so quick! Keep up the awesome work!!
    • JessicaMartwin parent reply :) See, you're the best. And so are we! It was really upsetting to see Baxter suffering but it is soooo great to see him doing better :). It's painful to love animals sometimes haha. Thanks! I am so excited. Life just feels so real right now and it's crazy how fast things are changing :D.
  • [ – ] HeroicVillain reply First! HAHAHAHA! BEAT YA TO IT SO TAKE THAT TO THE BANK @MarzieMalfoy
  • [ – ] theoldsparrow reply I'm glad the kitten is doing better and eating well. Maybe extravagantly is the word I should use. :D Being broke sucks but you'll be at your job before you know it.
    • [ – ] JessicaMartwin parent reply Sarah and I feel so much better now that we know Baxter is doing well :) It was just really scary to see him really sick. Ha, I am used to being broke. But money isn't a driving force for me. I have what I need and I am happy. That's what matters to me.
  • [ – ] Shut_Up_Buddy reply Congrats on the job. That's awesome!! Glad to hear the kitty is doing better as well. Never forget to eat. lol I don't.
    • JessicaMartwin parent reply thanks :D :D I am really excited about it. And it is sooo great to see Baxter almost completely back to normal. I forget to eat far too often.... Whoops.
  • [ – ] Hoshi-Hana reply That's wonderful news! Congrats on the job! It's always annoying starting up D: One almost always has to wait so long. xD
    • [ – ] JessicaMartwin parent reply Thanks :D I am really excited. The waiting is going to suck but that's okay :) Another month of relaxing will be nice.
      • [ – ] Hoshi-Hana parent reply It's understandable! It'll I'm sure. There will be things to get prepared and even done before you start. The first months will be super hard and tiring until you get used to it. :)
  • [ – ] ExcalibursZone reply Awesome news about Baxter! :D And again, congrats on the job! :) Do what you need to do, don't worry about us. We'll be here, just take care of yourself first and foremost :)
    • JessicaMartwin parent reply It is awesome news :) And thanks, I am really excited about it. I will enjoy the time I have off because I know I will be really busy once I start working.
  • [ – ] JustABloke reply Oh wow, the night shift and yes, people interaction is so important for your well being. Heh that month is going to fly by very fast.
    • JessicaMartwin parent reply Yeah, I'm not too excited about the night shift but I can switch to days eventually. And yes, this month will fly by VERY fast! :)
  • [ – ] iJimUK reply Huge congratulations on your new job Jessica, yep it does suck that you have to wait until next month before yu start though. Extra happy to hear Kitty is on the mend :)
  • [ – ] DrCut reply Congratulations Jessica! ^^
  • [ – ] lordcooler reply lol i wish i had your problems, i would be taking a nice long vacation to ice land or the very least mini vacations every week end
    • JessicaMartwin parent reply It's impossible to vacation though. I don't have money because I have not started working yet. That would be really nice though. I'm just excited that I finally have a job, even though I haven't started yet. Iceland would be an amazing place to visit.
  • [ – ] dalestark05 reply Congratulations on getting your job im glad your cat feeling better
  • [ – ] WellReadDaily reply Well done!
  • [ – ] YourSugoiStrwbry reply "I'm an adult now. Life sucks." Best quote I heard ever
  • [ – ] Rtuve reply Congrats on the new nursing position!
  • [ – ] opaxel1967 reply Baxter is more or less ok again , You got a job !! Isn't that great !!! Happy for you .. I know you have a lot of comments to read and mine is rather late .. its because of the time difference .. you are after all a few miles away from Blackpool ,, Keep smiling Girl .. chin up .. !!!
    • JessicaMartwin parent reply Sarah and I are soooo glad that he's almost 100% back to his normal self! I can't wait to start working! I'm sure the month of waiting will go by rather quickly. And no worries, it usually takes me a long time to get back to comments anyway 😊
  • [ – ] tonygreene113 reply that's great news jessica
  • [ – ] MisterHan2000 reply Congrats on everything!
  • [ – ] USUandS reply Yes!! Yes to Baxter doing much better and yes to job! It sucks you have to wait that long to start working but and with no money but hey, that's all about to change. Also hell yeah @MarzieMalfoy is freaking hilarious and is the only og malfoy in my mind!
    • JessicaMartwin parent reply :D Thanks! It does suck but at least I have some time to do nothing... haha. I'll probably play lots of video games hehehe. Marzie is the best! Haha.
  • [ – ] xDIZOx reply Congrats and yeah life does suck when your an adult. I guess look at this time to relax and make some great content until grown-up life starts
  • [ – ] techmespot reply Wow!! Congrats..This is great position....wishing you great Career
  • [ – ] whako reply Congrats on the nursing position Jessica they are very fortunate to have someone like you working for them!
  • MUMS-Universe reply Congratulations Nurse Martwin, RN-BSN =-)
  • Dazzlinglatte reply Congrats!! I'm so happy for you. 😁
  • ManySkills reply Congratulations on the job! Just hold out a little bit longer and do your best to enjoy your time until then.
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