Texas Chainsaw 3D | Movie Review [Spoiler!] (in HD 2D)

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  • [ – ] Flying_Purple_Pizzas reply Though the movie was bad, it was entertaining to watch your analysis! Lady Thug is a cutie.
    • MUMS-Universe parent reply ツ Thank you. Yeah TCM3D is such a terrible movie. Lady Thug tried to type you a thank you response on our keyboard but couldn't unlock the cap key, got mad & kicked it to the floor. Lol She says thank you tho.
  • MUMS-Universe reply @ZeroBudgetProductions Thank you for the upvote & congrats on getting verified. We're looking 4ward to that so we can put out more videos. What do you 2 think of the TC3D review?
  • MUMS-Universe reply Hey all. It's been a pretty lazy chill Saturday thus far. Working on some DIY for fun video editing & photo projects & thought I'll share one w/ ya. Feedback is welcome & interaction is welcome. New content coming soon. >>WARNING<< Tired eyes & lens flairs are abundant. That's what happens when you record video at 0 dark 30. #Thelittlethings
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