Rocket League Ranked | HE RAGE QUIT! | #1

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  • CletusBojangle reply Love this video, i am just stating a gaming channel and I hope that my channel can be as successful :D
  • [ – ] Pathagas reply Yo mate, I recommend trying to do a shorter intro or put something more interesting into the background for until you start playing. I found myself bored until you started the game and most of that stuff could have been said while you were playing anyways.
    • [ – ] DannyFinest parent reply Thanks for the tip to
      • [ – ] Pathagas parent reply You're welcome. I respect that you payed attention to and consider my criticism. Not that many people on the internet are like that xD
    • DannyFinest parent reply Yeah, Ik I would usually start in a game but i drunk like 2 redbulls before the video and had to get ready for something else, Next video will be intro while in game.
  • LizzyMcGuire reply Yo dude nice video can we do dubs? I got the game i'm top 100
  • MaximusHD reply That last game was lit af! you might not know how to do aerials but you still know how to play
  • Pringle2one reply You needs a better mic bruh, Try the blue yeti or a studio mic
  • LuxRayLvLX reply Man you suck with aerials, Practice with the custom tutorials spend 30 minutes a day practicing for 3 days and you will be a god
  • UnitedWeStand reply Man you demolished that kid
  • ZachriderHD reply Can you do Fifa or WWE?
  • EZGamez reply First, Msg me back on discord
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