CCPS: A Legal Rep keeps 9 police at bay while Ella Draper makes her escape

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  • 7654321 reply 5 more vids like this and more on the way:
  • reliable_main reply Stop twisting things, The Female police officer states clearly that they were there to talk to ela in relation to section 4 harassment act, and section 17. Belinda in her Youtube video statements misleading people saying that they were 10 people friends of the father to intimidate ella. The man with criminal conviction for abusing his own children is Abraham Jamal christie as stated on the Non Crime report and NOT the father.
  • EddeBoer reply A mother made a complaint about the father of their two children having sexually abused them. Medical investigation has proven that indeed the children have been abused. Even so, when the father complains about being harrassed, the latter complaint is taken seriously enough to usher out nine policemen to come to visit the mother, without pre-warning, with the intention of arresting her. Now the mother has fled the country, while the father still has access to the children. This is beyond Kafka-esque.
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