This Is How I Record Audio + Video (hold on to ur butts...)

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  • [ – ] Dos_Gaming reply OMG! No makeup?!?! Ewwwwwww! ( I jokes of course for people who can't take sarcasm). Cool video btw, a nice video to help new people who are trying to make music videos.
  • [ – ] Mad_Matt_Inc reply Reminds me so much of when I used to only have a Photo Camera to record videos on. So sorry. You'll get better equipment some day. At least you're able to work with it.
    • [ – ] PieAndLove parent reply oh god... When I was really young, like 11, I used to record dinky lil music videos on a Canon Powershot A5.... something. I can't remember. It was in the A5 series of Powershot cameras, though. So like. I've BEEN THERE. Such a yung naive....didnt know how bad the mic quality was.........smh smh
      • Mad_Matt_Inc parent reply Oh, even better. I forgot my first video I didn't even have a Tripod. I filmed this by setting it on the floor, or balancing it on top of a garden cart, and a laundry basket.
      • [ – ] Mad_Matt_Inc parent reply Even worse for me though. I was using something like that (was a Canon too as I recall) But even with that low quality I was still trying to do special effects in Aftereffects, and trying to talk about 20 minutes or more about one given movie, and the camera could only run 10 minutes at a time and I normally would miss when it auto shut off, so I would have to mentally back track and try to catch up and then finish the review in my head. Now a days my reviews maybe last 15 minutes, and that's with an opening bit and ending credits.
        • [ – ] PieAndLove parent reply Oh god... I think I at least knew the limits of Movie Maker weren't gonna allow for anything fanciful and great to come of anything I made. That auto shut off sounds like a hellatious thing to deal with if you had to back track like /every/ time. Least you've improved and gotten your vids down to ~15 min., I still have trouble not rambling for 20 minutes for vlogs. xP
          • Mad_Matt_Inc parent reply Still kept trying to over under achieve for a while. I think about 20 or 30 videos in I finally got a better camera for my birthday, and got a $30 Tripod. Last I knew of either of them, the Tripod as being kept in full extension via ducktape by sister, and my brother in law used the camera a few times for a couple of long vlogs before I think it drove him mad, and he gave up and got another camera as well. My second camera died at a convention. It lightly tapped a fake wall and the bit the screwed into my tripod broke. Still using my 3rd camera and the second, much heavier tripod.
  • [ – ] Flying_Purple_Pizzas reply I think it's pretty cool that you have cobbled everything together the way you have, and made it all work. We deal with what we have and dream of something better. The important thing is that you get to express yourself in a way that's fulfilling to you, even if circumstances aren't perfect. And they never are. Thank you for sharing your creative production process with all of us. It helps me understand your world a little better. Also, your reaction to the dreaded bag was very funny!
    • PieAndLove parent reply Couldn't have said it better myself. Glad you enjoyed the look behind-the-scenes! At least that bag brought SOMEONE some joy. >:/ :P
  • [ – ] HeroicVillain reply Hypothetically, what type of mic do you think would work best to record screams higher than 100 decimals? Nah, I kid, I kid. Pretty swank studio and you still get to keep your indie artist creds. Thanks for the tour!
  • [ – ] WolvenMedic reply I love this XD Was pretty cool to see your setup and damn. Gone 10pm and you're able to be up recording yourself sing? (is very jealous) damn families needing sleep :P And don't worry about rushing to improve your 'quality' you've got plenty of time and what you work with is already ten times better than what I could produce with those. Keep it up!
    • [ – ] PieAndLove parent reply Eyy thanks! 10 pm is really the only time I can record because that part of the house is unoccupied and since one of my parents is deaf and the other is constantly tired, as long as I'm not super loudly belting away into a mic I usually don't wake anyone up (to my knowledge). <333
  • [ – ] theoldsparrow reply That's a cool look at your process.
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