Dealing With Boredom Feat. TheOdd1sOut and Tetris

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  • Shagimation reply Ya done good!
  • BlackbirdFrost reply This is exactly why I keep mp3s of all my music as well as some old anime fansubs. Some time, maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but at SOME time the internet will fart all over you. Your fingers have to be ready to form a cross to ward off the stinky devil at all times! You don't have any video games besides Tetris that you can play offline? I'm one of those people old enough to remember the days before the internet...I still had video games to play. I guess it was rather safe-ish for a kid to go outside unsupervised back long as you didn't cross the street by yourself. That was always a no-no.
  • Naturenerd1000 reply When there's a choice between electronics vs reading books. Electronics wins 99.7% of the time.
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