VLOG #2 : Astrology, Lorde, Fidget Spinners, and Pop Figures

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  • [ – ] AmandaFood reply I want BOoboO ^_^ yeah from Texas it's sooo hot and the humidity ugh Your videos with or without edits are awesome :D Can't wait to see your 50 sub video <3
    • thy_koosk parent reply Booboo hisses at EVERYONE, fair warning lol, he likes to scare people and it is heckin funny. And I can just imagine Texas' humidity if I can't handle most of August over in Mass 😂 Also thank you!! And that may be up this week (hopefully)
  • [ – ] JustABloke reply Never feel pressured to make video's, and what you do bring to the table, your views, opinions, and every other shit, is just fine in my books ;-) LoL I'm glad you approve your pants. Come on, you got to love Gordon Ramsey. Ha I love Lorde too, so don't worry what others think. These Vlogs are GOOD!
    • [ – ] thy_koosk parent reply Gordon Ramsay and Lorde are lit!! And thank you for the kind comment, I'm glad you are enjoying the content I put up here!
      • [ – ] JustABloke parent reply The thing with vlogs, I get to see a different part of this shrinking world through other people's views. Every vlogger has a different story, I may have no interest in your astrology, but as a person you are an extremely interesting person (no-one sees this in themselves). At a guess 90% of those I follow, do some vlogging videos every now and then, and I follow a lot of channels.
        • thy_koosk parent reply Also thank you! You seem interesting yourself!
        • thy_koosk parent reply I have the same view on vlogs, I post mine so people get an idea on who I'm like off camera, I try to be transparent with my channel. But vlogs are interesting in that sense for sure
  • [ – ] JannaJonna reply Helped to get your 50 follower!! Waiting for the special :)
  • [ – ] Flying_Purple_Pizzas reply Lorde's song "Team" was one of my favorite all time songs. I like songs I can dance to and it had a great beat, especially the extended version she did on tour. This was a great video! Life vlogs are my favorite type of video. They allow me to relate to others and their everyday lives. What seems boring to someone else is interesting to me, because it's not me. Booboo is a cool kitty. Independent with high attitude maybe, but still cool. I used to only write in cursive because I was lazy but it was messy and hard to read, so I forced myself to write in print. At first I made the letters stylish but then got lazy again and simplified them. But I write so fast that my letters start attaching together and I end up with half print and half cursive. The pants are colorful and vibrant! Here in Hawaii it's hot nearly every day. A.C. is my friend. I've eaten way too much Ramen in my life. It was cheap and quick and I lived off of it. And that made me sick so I had to stop. I had no energy an...mored I couldn't get better. I improved after finding different food. Thanks for sharing your life with us!
    • [ – ] thy_koosk parent reply Glory and Gore is my favorite from her atm,, and my handwriting is messy too lol I don't even try with it,, thank you for enjoying my vlogs,, Hawaii seems like an interesting place! Have you ever been to a black sand beach on vacation at any point in you life? I've always wanted to,, and that's good you don't eat a lot of ramen anymore since it hurts your stomach,, hope you had a nice day!!!
      • [ – ] Flying_Purple_Pizzas parent reply Sadly, I have not made it to a black sand beach. Even more sad is the fact that I rarely leave the house. Beaches are awesome energy places though. I hope you do find that black sand beach one day. Also, if you are going to Texas, be careful of the water, especially east Texas. There is high pollution from all the petrochemical companies. Around Galveston, for example, you wouldn't want to go in the ocean. South of Houston you wouldn't drink the tap water. It's bad.
        • thy_koosk parent reply Ahh, I feel you on this and those Texas beaches sound slightly worse than a beach on my side of Mass., there's sewage everywhere and is now only used for boating. I'd like to visit Texas one day though so thank you for the heads up!
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