• Level I
    The basic sub tier that basically goes toward the channel as well as the person behind it (i.e. myself). Anyhow, this tier essentially grants you access to subscriber only videos, as well as a shout out at the end of each video.
  • Level II
    A somewhat nicer sub tier that allows you subscriber only videos, a shout out at the end of each video, and priority pick of which reactions/reviews I do (classic or recent)!
  • Level III
    This sub tier grants you all previous tiers as well as a personal channel shoutout in which I react to/review your content (creator spotlight style; only if you would like)!
  • Level IV
    I'm really not sure why you'd even pay that much, but thank you?! This allows you all previous tiers, as well as becoming a moderator for my Twitch/YouTube live-streams!

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