• mintteamew Really fantastic
  • mintteamew parent Rawman is a good people. I'm beginning to feel very conflicted as well, especially after today, the community is great but some of the videos that the community upvotes together get shoved away and out of sight. Very concerning to me. This was a well made very thoughtful video @TheCynicalCypher
  • mintteamew parent Me! and beatbox! He is good at both!
  • mintteamew SO AMAZING! I can't tell you how much I appreciate all the effort that you put into this video! I know you've been re-watching all of our videos for weeks and weeks and that's what makes this the BEST showcase & shoutout I have ever seen! Salty is a pretty cool guy, ya know? He's k. I really enjoy his deadpan humor and his short social commentary videos. GOSH THOSE ARE THE BEST! I still have many fond memories of the vidme Illuminati video. His childhood trauma video is pretty darn fantastic as well! I'm glad that Salty made it into this shout out. I hope he gets verified again too. Kin is my favorite South African kid. I love that he concentrates on indie games, showed me tons and tons of games I would have never known existed. Like my very first video I had ever seen of his, who would have thought that a cute jellyfish game could get so dark and creepy? Kin spends a lot of time making some great content and I can't wait until he gets featured on vidme because he uploads so regularly and really is in the lifeblood of the vidme community. Kin is what I imagine a model vidizen to be. Kin is awesome. p.s. podcast with kin and friends sounds amazing! MFKravens food vlogs are so. very. fantastic. Every time I watch one I just want to watch an entire playlist full of them. They're like crisps you can't have just one and feel satisfied!! I also have to compliment him on his adorable puppers and for the #vidmepetchallenge because oh my gosh I was so THRILLED that week! Cute little animal faces EVERYWHERE!! For real though MFKraven and his content are great and wonderful and that man can grow the most impressive beard I have seen in many moons. I can see why you admire Ripstars work! Super excited to see more from a man that doesn't let things stand in the way of what he wants to do. "GIF ME THE NEXT PERSON!!!" #Verification for USUandS ! That man just bit into a block of ramen for comedy. It's time to verify him. AmandaFood ohhh myyy goodness! SO MUCH CUTE BAKING STUFF! I love the panda mug in the background! I must check out her "why I love cooking" video that you recommended. I love watching food being prepared and cooked so this is an excellent recommendation of a channel for me!! Good feature in this showcase 10/10 will watch. Got to love the RoughPanic shoutouts!! Lets open some windows!!! Best showcase ever, will be watching again. Your videos are so fantastic because they're so genuine and from the heart! Thank you so much for making this. You really know your stuff about each and every one of these creators and the effort that you put into this is very apparent and I'm having trouble coming up with words to convey just how impressed I am and how flattered I am that I'm in it. These are some really deserving people and your video is excellent. BEST SHOWCASE & SHOUTOUT I HAVE EVER SEEN. ok thanks for your time ;3
  • mintteamew Back again for another watch
  • mintteamew More beatbox!
  • mintteamew parent I hope so! I'm so glad to see @robindies back again (with fabulous new look). Maybe MariaTheGerman will be back soon too! July seems like it's going to be a good month!