Jurassic Park III Review

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  • Victor_von_Doom_Jr reply It's easy to say that Jurassic World was better than Jurassic Park III but after rewatching both I have to say I like III more. While Jurassic World is technically better, the plot, the characters and the story arc is utterly ridiculous, almost borderline retarded. Just the scene where the redhead CEO successfully runs away from a T-Rex in high heels makes me cringe every time.
  • GaryTurbo reply I wondered how many people got pissed that the T rex got owned in this movie?
  • StCerberusEngel reply Given the rusted metal grating, the fog, and the pteranodon creature, it does make a better Silent Hill enactment than the movie.
  • BiGEd5 reply Mr noodle brother Mr noodle was in the movie XD
  • [ – ] slyofwar reply Jurassic Park III like the other 2 is entertaining but kinda dumb but I do prefer this one over The Lost World and Jurassic World
    • [ – ] DeckerShado parent reply I've got a soft spot for the original... was way younger than, and very interested in paleontology. Now I'm just like "more blood.. more dismemberment! Gah, show us the bodies, you prudish film!"
      • slyofwar parent reply lol sorry PG-13 sells more tickets on average :( All we want is to see these wonderful creatures tear people and each other apart! Is that so wrong?
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