The Third Phase of The YouTube Skeptic Community

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  • Good_News_This_Morning reply Here's to the growth of the Vidme skeptic community!
  • Partially_Evil reply Skeptics, the time has come. Execute Order 66...
  • CuneiformHub reply One must be careful now, if the tables continue to turn one could become the monster they set out to stop.
  • pr0to reply I made a video about us in the New Right and what we need to do different.
  • valereth reply Funny that you bring up Steven Crowder. I love his work, but is he a part of the skeptic community? He does believe in God. Eh. Regardless, he is part of the alternative media, and he does have a big reach. He is a very good debater and extremely entertaining. He is very on point a lot of the time
  • blindfire reply This is a good thing. As with anything in a competitive world, grow and change or die. The fact that political correctness is on a downslope in the culture war is a good thing to see, and I'm glad so many people are moving on. If you kept pounding the same issues over and over again you'd be just like feminists, a movement without a legitimate issue seeking to be relevant. Sure, once in a while you have to weed the garden, but I am looking forward to seeing the next set of ideas you put out there. After all, ideas are what I'm here for.
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