A Love Letter From God

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  • Soldier_Of_The_Cross reply You do have a choice to live forever. What is so bad about that? His plan for all of us is we have eternal life and sit at his feet forever and ever. As far as the gay of your remarks, God does not make mistakes. He does not create gay people. Anything other than what he made is a choice made by the person. Be a believer not a deceiver. Seek the truth and you will find it.
  • Watchmeimalonelymotherfucker reply Oh, HE was the one who made me gay? Ah, so it's HIS fault i'm apparently gonna go to hell, what a loving FUCKING god c: (I'm not gay, it was a joke, but for those who are, apparently god made them gay and made them got to hell because of it, that's not love)
  • Watchmeimalonelymotherfucker reply If he has a plan for me, doesn't that mean i don't have a choise in my life?
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