"I like Feminism, Just Not 3rd Wave" | A Video Essay

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  • [ – ] I3UTM reply What's your opinion on 1st wave feminism; i.e. continuing to advocate for women's rights; voting; property; and liberty? I'm also looking to see about going into a "4th" wave feminism called "Open-wave or X-wave." Open to all rights that help out women in all areas (including those that are pro-porn and pro-file) or excluding all forms of feminism that do not support all genders and sexualities (including MRA's.)
    • theMagdalenRose parent reply I'm pretty fond of voting, owning property and generally having the similar rights to men. 1st wave was also very enthusiastic about ending child labor which was also a big problem. 9/10 would 1st wave Feminism again.
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