Anime Truth #13b: Power Ups are not Character Growth (2014 version)

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  • [ – ] Embrace-your-sorrow reply Obtaining Amakakeru Ryu no Hirameki was an important instance of character growth for Kenshin. Mental power ups aren't inherently the best, they're just done better most of the time. The aforementioned Kenshin, also Kenshiro's and Raoh's Musou Tensei, Zong-Wu awakening his aura. They're all purely techniques of fighting ability, and yet the way they're earned adds a lot to the characters. It's more about how they get the powerup rather than the power up itself. It does get tiresome to constantly see the "Goku has grown as a fighter, so there's character development" though.
    • [ – ] crzyboy190 parent reply Edward never got any power-ups nor even new techniques. At least not that I remember.
        • [ – ] crzyboy190 parent reply The protagonist of Fullmetal Alchemist.
          • [ – ] Embrace-your-sorrow parent reply Oh. He didn't, but he was never a power-based character in the first place, so it doesn't really matter. His development is mostly through the relationships with others.
            • [ – ] crzyboy190 parent reply It's a good thing the characters in fma weren't simply define by their powers like other shonens.
              • [ – ] Embrace-your-sorrow parent reply In the long run, it is. Although in rare cases like Ruroken and Hokuto no Ken the fighting styles are highlighting the characters' personalities, shounens tend to go for the bankais option most of the time and deteriorate into something ridiculous like Naruto's powers.
  • [ – ] Natanahel reply It's so sad to see Jojo DiU fans saying that the the series dedicates more time to characterization, when non of them have any kind of grow.
  • [ – ] zhewitt24 reply when/will the channel come back??
    • [ – ] ThatAnimeSnob parent reply never
      • TripStudy parent reply I like it here
      • [ – ] Vidmeh parent reply Is there anywhere else we can watch your old videos? I was making my way through your "Critical Anime Overview" playlist when the removal happened.
        • [ – ] copperfield42 parent reply some are on his second YT channel: ThatAnimeSnob DeletedVideos
          • Vidmeh parent reply Yeah I've subscribed there, but at it doesn't look like all those videos will make it on there. Or if they do it will take forever :( At least his anime-planet reviews are still around. Those are really helpful.
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