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  • CoffeeCat reply Something is a Miss? Don't you mean something is a non-binary gender fluid androgynous blob? ;o) Does the new doctor have a preferred personal pronoun? Is it now 'Dr What', or perhaps 'Dr Zir'? (or ze or xie or whatever else.) Gawd, where's that aspirin bottle... ...BUT! lol'd at the 'tardleks' introductions! :o)
  • [ – ] Vermithrax reply You know that Darlek can hover can and stairs are no problem for them.
    • [ – ] Gary_Orsum parent reply I'm pretty sure hovering daleks only became a thing in later series, after years of people making jokes about daleks being potentially foiled by stairs. :-)
      • Vermithrax parent reply There where no stairs on the Darlek home-world. The Darlek-City was custom made for Darleks. All floors where metal and Darleks used some form of magnetic levitation to get about. They could not even leave the city. But when the Darleks started to invade other planets there levitation technology was update for rough terrain. Which was pretty early in the series. The joke however was continued long after the upgrade.
  • Mental_Gymnast reply Trans attack refrigerator.
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