Google's Open War on Conservatism - Progress through Hypocrisy

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  • JonTheBemused reply Nothing to add, that was a great take on the situation.
  • [ – ] JonTheBemused reply #GoogleAreEvil
    • [ – ] Eheroduelist parent reply What's the old saying? Don't attribute to malice that which can easily be attributed to stupidity?
      • JonTheBemused parent reply I never said they were malicious, lol, just evil (though see below). They may think they are being good. But when someone will destroy people without a second thought to progress their own narrative, which is what all authoritarians & ideologues do, then their actions are, by my definition at least, evil. They make the world a more miserable, fearful, and unjust place. In the name of equality, they are making the world less equal. In the name of tolerance, they are making the world less tolerant. And, in the case of a situation like this, I would describe their actions towards James Damore as malicious. Whatever they claim. And they have demonstrated that they are either immensely self-deluding or liars.
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