To Give or not To Give ? ?

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  • Thornack reply here we also have people in the city who ask money, last time a guy asked money while he had a bicycle in his hand, brand clothing and a golden tooth... and oooh he was soooo hungry! off course, if you become homeless, and you have fancy brand clothing, you can't help it, cause you need clothing, and shoe's. maybe some people that are looking fancy are homeless for a short period, and maybe not. I believe that a good knowledge of people is needed, and if a person asks for money, and you want to give some, you better coffer them something to eat or drink instead. if they refuse, you know enough.
  • tomalien reply There was a time I was on the streets of a major city for a while so I have a bit of insight here. If they are being honest, a person on the street will admit that you should never give them money, for a couple of reasons. First, many will use the money to self medicate through various means before buying food or anything else. Also, having things of value makes you a target to others. There is, for lack of a better term, a sort of code that establishes whatever you have is up for grabs. If someone is making demands rather than requests then they are not being honest with you. If someone is openly displaying something of value then they are either not really stuck on the streets or they are a predator. There are those who are in that situation because of tragedy, exploitation, and other circumstances that may have gotten out of control, but my experience has been that those people will not readily beg random strangers for help, again, it makes them a target. I will not discoura...morege helping people, in fact I believe it is a true act of kindness to help those in need. I will advise that you only give things like bottled drinks and food that needs to be eaten immediately. Every situation is different though so trust your instincts. I'm just offering my thoughts as a general guide.
  • rondalem reply I live in the Orlando Florida area and I see even teenagers now asking for money and saying they are homeless when they are wearing better clothes than I can afford. They're always clean, nice shoes, etc, but giving a Pity story that they're broke down and can't get home or hungry, or whatever. This I know is not true because I have seen the same ones on the same corners for over 3 years now! I feel for the truly homeless that are that way by accident , not by choice. When I see these young healthy people standing on street corners asking for money less than a quarter of a mile froms a restaurants that have.. need help signs...there is no way I am giving them anything. I do give food when I see truly homeless people and they're the ones that usually never ask!
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