ITV caught out pandering to Islam.

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  • anonsos reply Tommy Robinson is totally right in everything that he said in this clip... Morgan is a cunt and the highest form of a cunt.. And not a nice one either..
  • Sardoniac reply OMG THEY DONT EVEN LET HIM FINISH ONE SINGLE POINT... how the fuck are they not trying to picture him in a specific way... it is ridiculous... Tommy, you're a hero!
  • [ – ] EmGreen reply T.V. Personalities are super creepy . . . the denial is abject insanity.
  • William010 reply Why is this woman confused between religion and race
  • William010 reply Piers Morgan is not a creditable broadcaster.
  • William010 reply What is the word that Muslims use when they have an issue with Kaffirs. Is it kaffirphobia?
  • little-horn74 reply Morgan often came in the gun-control discussion in the US with shaming about the children of San Diego (a teacher mowing down children), this method works marvellous with him (like Shapiro did, telling him he uses dead children as shaming-tool).Directly shaming like the left would: Why do you ignore the dead children of.. than take a pic, which islamic terror attack is actual.
  • whitevanman reply Rock on Tommy!!!! FACTS FACTS FACTS..;-)
  • caramire48 reply They are so condescending to him. I want to punch both of the reporters in the face. They are inciting violence
  • caramire48 reply I hate Piers Morgan. I'm so glad he's not here in America anymore
  • ClimatePonziLie reply 6-3-2017 More Honour Killings in Germany EXCLUSIVE: Refugees Fight Canadians with Rocks, Bricks
  • ClimatePonziLie reply Muslim girl stoned to death
  • ClimatePonziLie reply Canadian Billionaire Kidnapped and Tortured in China | China Uncensored Trudeau Bull shit about defending the rights of Canadaian unless your in a Chinese Prison. Trudeau tries to make a joke about Scheer watching TV. Watch what happens
  • ClimatePonziLie reply Senate Investigates Loretta Lynch For Obstruction Of Justice
  • 1950sgirl reply Tommy is spot on......
  • fckislam reply Is it just me or is the video frozen? Just green screen that won't play.. Strange
  • little-horn74 reply When the finger is pointed, it's about judging and shaming.Expose this "you are bullying me", or the 'white male card: "why doesn't she ask and get answers from me?- because she's a woman and you a white male?" - this is the 21st century now, this is how it goes, slogans replaced arguments, as slogans can be repeated (like "shame! shame shame!), hoping that Lenin (the russian, not you) was right by stating "a lie becomes the truth if repeated enough", repeating a word is quicker than an argument.And better verbal tactics go low, than (like the left or islam) getting physical.
  • little-horn74 reply Argument as Question: "Islam is a faith" - answer similar religions (which normally failed): Vikings, Azteks...
  • little-horn74 reply What was ingenious in Trumps campaign, whenever his contrahent started a comment he said in te same moment only "no" or "a lie".
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