Dungeons and Dragons 5e Preorder bonuses with "Xanathar's Guide to Everything"... Seriously ?!

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  • [ – ] ExcalibursZone reply I'm not really happy with the D&D Beyond app at all. I own the physical material for most of what they have in the app and I dislike paying crap tons of money for digital product. I have an account, but I'm not going to take it past the freely available stuff.
    • [ – ] CrystariumNet parent reply I got into the beta several months ago, it didn't have any kind of creation material so I just kind of stopped using it as the majority of my shit is homebrew stuff. I haven't checked back on it lately. Im exactly like you though, I have a veritable library of physical roleplaying books, and im not going to pay twice for a real and digital copy, I have absolutely no guilt downloading scanned copies of stuff I already own. 30 bucks also seems REALLY high for a digital copy of something. But even all that, this preorder extra nonsense is saddening. :/
      • ExcalibursZone parent reply If they did things properly, they probably wouldn't have to "beg" for the digital funds. but I think they've fallen into the trap of "microtransactions" that accompany all other Google Play and App Store content. I'll take someone's free Excel sheet over an official web app for something even if it's clunky as hell to use. Or, if I'm feeling especially productive and really need a digital solution, I'll make one myself (I'm just usually too busy/lazy to do so). I've paid for my fair share of PDFs over the years for stuff I didn't have but would make my collection more complete. But I will not, under any circumstances, pay for a digital version of something I own the physical copy of. This stems from video games (such as having Super Mario World in it's physical cartridge form, I won't pay for the digital version of it).
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