Why The World Didn't End On September 23

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  • Timberwolf reply I think he's a class (A) nut job
  • MosleyBoxing reply Dude is just trying to get paid! Even in the Bible, weather you believe it or not it says "no one knows the day or the time; only God does". So dude needs to get lost! Lol! Btw, great Outro! 👍💯
  • WolfyAU82 reply September 23??? I didn't here that one! This guy's a Christian and declaring a date for the apocalypse?!? And it's the same Nibiru prophecy from December Fools Day?!? Really?!? To quote 007, There's a four letter word and he's full of it!
  • ShadicTheReviewGuy reply He is crazy why because no man knows the end of the world nor day or the he so he is just looking for attention
  • Strefanash reply ANY date setting for events pertaining to the End times is in open defiance of the scripture that flatly forbids date setting. Acts 1:6-8 is most clear. The existence or not of Nibiru is utterly irrelevant
  • Botchyop reply OCTOBER 15 *world panic* We're all gonna die!!!! OCTOBER 16 *world riots, half world population gone* Fuck you David.
  • GaryTurbo reply Technically, the end of the world is inevitible just not the way the guy says it will
  • YungJ reply At least he could've of lied a little better and said the end of world will be on Halloween for them spoopy feels 🤦🏻‍♂️
  • frawstakwa reply I need a sword...
  • frawstakwa reply One of these days he’ll get it right...
  • Pantality reply I guess todays the end of the world then
  • Voolaboo reply expand (possible spam) It was my birthday☺
  • YourSugoiStrwbry reply He’s just an attention seeker
  • frawstakwa reply One of these days he’ll get it right...
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