The Time Has Come to Stand Against the European Union on Censorship and Legalism

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  • [ – ] ladisCZE reply Just today goolag banned your channel on youtube for my country (Czech republic)
    • [ – ] WhiningCripple parent reply I would like to know why.
      • Platypus67 parent reply Me too; this shriveled dry-cunt merkel is a full blown tyrant and i hope she will be put down by someone asap. This horrible bitch is by far the worst that happened to europe and germany since hitler. Period.
  • Giftzwerg reply That's why I'm glad that exists. I'm from Germany and want to be able to watch whatever I want.
  • brileevir reply The EU is explicitly multiple layers removed from the populace and run by unelected, and therefore unaccountable, officials. The EU is by design authoritarian. I'm just surprised by the Remoaners who can't see it.
  • Tangara reply The German government does not have the apparatus to monitor and censor social media. So they contract it out to organisations like Amadeu Antonio Stiftung, founded by former DDR Stasi agents.
  • brileevir reply Merkel is so imperious that she thought she could police Trump when he withdrew from the Paris accord. I truly enjoyed seeing the cunt get a black eye.
  • [ – ] Wolfskinz reply But our censorship laws will be worse in Britain after brexit
    • scaramanga parent reply Wouldn't censorship be worse either way? : In Eu-out Eu, Labor- Conservative-Lib Dem in power?
  • houseofmirrors reply Styx, even if Facebook et al were to stop putting pennies over principles, the US government wouldn't want them pulling out of or protected from EU law, or any other laws. These companies are such a rich mine of intel on foreign citizens that they can simply demand info about whoever they they want. That all goes away if US companies are protected by US law and Europe responds by blocking traffic from US companies completely. It would also be bad economically if Europe shut the door on the biggest facilitator of trade in human history.
  • brileevir reply Giving away ICANN is yet another cluster fuck in Obummer's endless list
  • [ – ] Auceza reply After North Korea please clean up the mess in Germany.
    • respawn parent reply You should know, most North Koreans actually support their government. Is it really our place to "fix" countries we have no knowledge about, except for what our own regimes want us to know about them?
  • tcooper913 reply I can watch any of your videos in Poland, but will not open if pulled up in a search. I receive notices in spam, but also, see the new ones below in recommended videos.
  • NickZNick033 reply Styx thinks Goolag is a business firm and not surveillance apparatus for the 5 eyes? Funny
  • respawn reply European internet-sites ARE actually subject to US legal pressure, like the Pirate-Bay thing in Sweden.
  • respawn reply The "free world" is overrated.
  • XhoXhuXhamen reply La Grande ArmΓ©e d'Anti Censure!
  • tkuhner reply Youtube and Facebook should either 1) be treated as a monopoly and fractured, like the telecoms were years ago or 2) treated as a public utility with mild regulation and neutrality. I still don't know how Walmart evaded monopoly status. Clearly they have caused all the horrors that monopoly laws are supposed to protect us from. If you are not breaking the law you should not be censored in any way. To fix the advertiser problem they should just let the advertisers pick who they want to advertise with somehow, this would require more accurate categorization of videos, and may lead right back to that same problem.
  • jeff4justice reply Check out my interview with Trump ally Roger Stone about YouTube censorship on my channel.
  • tkuhner reply It is very, very telling that these western countries are scared of free speech. Just from that data alone, you could publish a list of enemies of freedom.
  • tkuhner reply So in the EU the government is doing it to their own citizens. In the USA they are getting the actual corporations to do it. I'm telling you this is not shaping up very well. There is a very large and very well armed percentage of the country that will defend our liberties. I'm not sure how to defend against a compliant corporate super structure. They are not breaking any laws. This is going to take some really smart people and a lot of work.
  • ClimatePonziLie reply Fake Book should ban any critic of Trump, Herdo Riveria is a hack and BS artist.
  • ClimatePonziLie reply Asylum seekers cost Canadians $500M+ so far CBC calls sharia law "nothing to fear"
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