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Mark plays.... Yie Ar Kung Fu (Arcade) (SD)

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October 10 2017

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Yie Ar Kung-Fu (イー・アル・カンフー, Ī Aru Kanfū?) (Mark plays... / Markade) Is a 1985 fighting game developed by Konami. It is also out on the various other platforms like the C64, ZX Spectrum, MSX, Nintendo DS, NES, Atari 8 bit range and of course Xbox Live. For a lot of fighting game fans this is the origin fo species when it comes to today's fighting games. Why? Well because each opponent has a different fighting style and need another method of approach to beat. You'll see what I mean when you watch me play in this video. The main character is OOlong (written 烏龍/Wūlóng, and ウーロン/Ūron in Japanese) and he has to fight a whole array of opponents. Buchu - the sumo wrestler. He's quite slow and the easiest character to beat. When he gets hit in the crotch, his eyes pop and "nǐ hǎo" is heard (Mandarin Chinese for "hello") Star - a ninja girl throwing shuriken at Oolong. Nuncha - a man swinging nunchaku Pole - a man with a pole Feedle - multiple men advancing on Oolong, I always miss how I have to beat this as it is more of an endurance test than anything else. Just kick them in the stomach and be ready for the next clone. This opponent is missing from the c64 version of the game. Chain - is a guy with big chains trying to hit you. Quite a bit more difficult to beat. Club - a guy swining a huge spiked club (bonbori) and carrying a shield. Tough to beat this one. Fan - never have fans been so lethal as the ones thrown by this female warrior. Sword - a big sord carrying warrior tough to beat as well. Tonfun - the final opponent Oolong faces before facing Blues. Tonfun is attacking with two tonfa and is very hard to beat. Attacks need to be timed carefully as Tonfun never misses and Oolong is much more vulnerable to his attacks. Blues - well in this gameplay video I loose before I get to show you this opponent which looks very similar to Oolong Both Nuncha and Blues are Bruce Lee references.

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