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  • Sock_Puppet reply Seems the edge-lords calling themselves attack helicopters weren’t enough of a hint for the people leaving these comments..
  • isaneinthemembrane reply Suit what do you think about Veritas? The power and freedoms of the internet may becoming to and end as well as CNN or is it me giving to much power to the internet? In my opinion I agree, this trans trenders shit is dangerous on many levels (40% suicide rate says it all) as they are so young and even haven't finished growing physically or mentally. Then to start adding hormones to their developing bodies isn't bad enough, surgery before 25 should be mandatory.
  • Aaronshy reply So many joke about being attack helicopters but unfortunately it seems some people stupidly seem to actually think they are one.
  • Sundawn reply Just what this world needed, a 'gender war', let alone the feminist wars, all of these issues became totally shocking, and ridiculous! Thanks for the funny rant from downunder! :)
  • insaneonthemembrane reply Excellent ,enough said.
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