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  • [ – ] HeroicVillain reply Hi, Wolfer. I'm not wearing pants.
  • [ – ] MarkTwo reply I think if creators could have some input and indicate what sort of advertisers make sense for their content it would make some sense, maybe avoid some disappointment on all sides.
    • Wolfer parent reply That would be cool! Like an "add Advertisements" button and checklist of advertisements types...feel like something like that would be perfect!
  • [ – ] Complicated91 reply I think something along the lines of the Twitch system is the best option. They've set themselves up very nicely. Never feel like I"m being drowned in ads. I go on youtube and watch a 10 minute video from a popular youtuber, I get drowned by ads... Hopefully Vidme will take something from this :D
    • Wolfer parent reply I agree. Twitch is amazing on the video monetization front! I foresee the future this website as a combination of Twitch and Reddit and I hope the monetization system reflects as such! ^_^ Also, Vidme needs streaming lol
  • [ – ] BrianAiya reply I thought many people expected Vidme to have ads. The reason why the team hasn't introduced ads yet is because just like you said. To integrate ads in a more meaningful and smart way. I hope they found a system that makes sense and people will not see it as a bad thing. Most probably by next week they will talk about it more.
  • [ – ] ThomasPattonMusic reply I don't like ads as much as the next guy, but, like you said, it does make sense. VidMe has to keep the lights on some how, and I can't imagine they're pulling in much money at this point. It's a known fact that YouTube operates at a loss, but I think that is due to poor implementation. I firmly believe it could be done right. However, that does raise concerns with me about copyright systems in the future. Where there are ads, there is a system where you are profiting directly from your videos (not donations) which could lead copyright holders to file complaints where necessary. I think YouTubes system where creators get paid from ad revenue attracted a lot of people that post copyrighted music knowing it would get views, monetized their video, and that is what got them where they are today. So, to me, it's a double-edged sword. I'm still optimistic about this site and really enjoy using it, but I do have concerns.
    • Wolfer parent reply You're absolutely right. Everyone's always screaming #WTFU - but realistically, if you're making a profit off (or the content is enabled to make profit, whether it is or not) fair use doesn't really apply. However, what a large difference it could for actual people within Vidme's staff to review the copyright claims...needless to say, Vidme has a huge undertaking ahead of them and hopefully they are up for the challenge! ^_^
  • [ – ] Tannimay reply What I would do is use a Pepsi.
  • [ – ] MarzieMalfoy reply I'm sure they are going to do it in a non-political form like youtube is doing. I have faith in the Vidme creators. We will see what they come up with :)
  • [ – ] Dos_Gaming reply One day I hope! Then I can have my $2!
  • [ – ] katastic reply Why the hell are ads a problem?! I WANT ADS. (What?) If they're done tastefully, and I can pay a small fee to remove them, and in exchange I get a GREAT platform that sends GIGS of my video's data out, what's not to like? Asking for no ads is just a sense of entitlement.
  • [ – ] S1Husky reply I honestly don't see a problem with ads. The Vidme team seems pretty dedicated to keeping creators happy by offering us useful features to take a part in. I'm sure they could handle ads in a similar fashion, let advertisers know ahead of time what to expect from different genres of content beforehand. That way they'd be way less likely to run into a "youtube boycott" situation, by being transparent with advertisers about what'll be shown where.
  • [ – ] Wilson_Report reply If thinks ads will help this platform... I'm happy to take their word for it. (Video hosting isn't easy.) I started making video's here because I think the tipping system already provides a huge competitive advantage over YouTube. From my first week, I got double the views here. So in summary, I'm not worried because things are already looking pretty good. Interested to see what happens to the subscribe system.
    • Wolfer parent reply Agreed! Views wise things are way better for newcomers and that's why i make videos, to develop an audience, entertain that audience, and have fun! ^_^
  • [ – ] MrATAndreiThomas reply I left youtube last year, not only because of the Advertising friendly guidelines and the youtube heroes program, but they have also lied about the unsubscribe glitch issue that they claim there was no underline glitch, when clearly it was there on their website since spring 2012 which I have lost over 10,000 subscribers back in that year and after I saw their video titled "let's talk about subscriptions" I had no respect for youtube anymore as I don't trust them, I glad I moved away from youtube because I knew more Bullshit was about to happened with youtube by the fact these advertisers are pulling away their ads, karma just bit youtube on the back side.
  • [ – ] praetoriancorps reply I don't care if is going to use ads or not aslong as they allow users to use adblock, place the ads only in the beginning or the end of the video and not making them randomly popup in the middle, give viewers the option to click away ads after like 5 to 10 seconds and don't suck up to the advertisers that start pulling away or complaining if their ad just happen to appear on some random unwanted or racist video like youtube does. If advertisers are going to make a problem out of that then fuck them. Its not their platform. Service to userbase first and service to advertiser second. Because without the userbase they don't have nobody to advertise for.
    • Wolfer parent reply Exactly right! Give viewers and creators the control, not advertisers! Because without the content and the views, there's nothing to put advertisement on in the first place!
  • [ – ] RetroBit reply I like the way you think good sir. Being ad free or what not is great and all but I'd never be opposed to vidme wanting to generate a stronger income for their company in the long run. Video hosting can become incredibly expensive and if both they and creators stand a chance to gain from this than I don't see what the problem is. Vidme grows and evolves and all of us right along with it. If folks are THAT inclined to QQ about ads than get AdBlock and save everyone else the headache. lol.
  • [ – ] TurtleTantrums reply Noooooo not my typo DAMMIT. Okay but seriously, this is good to know! I am not surprised because running a website without ads would be really expensive, I mean donations alone can only do so much I would imagine. But I love the idea of treating it more like Twitch's ad system because that is a lot more bearable. I wonder if they will allow content creators to enable or disable ads on their videos too, based on their own personal choice in monetization. Curious to see what comes from this, but thank you for this bit of information. I was definitely curious about what subscribing to a channel would do. :3
  • MLG_DankMemes reply Potatoes are nice.
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